Thursday, August 21, 2014

New Homepage

This blog will soon terminate. I have a new homepage where I will post all news, upcoming concerts and such stuff.

Mikael Lind homepage

Friday, March 7, 2014

New album

Started working on a new album that will probably be finished sometime by the end of this year. I'm not giving much away yet as to what style I'm going for, but I've been working a lot with different acoustic instruments such as zither, guitar and viola lately, so maybe that gives you a clue or two.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

First news update from the new year

Playing a concert at the Wee Red bar in Edinburgh the 20th of February with Loscil and Matthew Collings.

Thursday 20th February 2014.
The Wee Red Bar. 7pm.
Tickets £7 on the door.

Here's a Facebook event for the show: Loscil / Matthew Collings / Mikael Lind

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

So, the year is almost finished, and I must say I've had a great year with one proper album release and three smaller releases this year.

Some news:
Released the mini album Fragmented Pianos on Post Global Recordings, and you can find it here!

And I created this video for the final track on my album Unsettled Beings:

Hope you enjoy and have a great Christmas and a happy new year!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Refuge of the Rats video!

Timo Rychert made this lovely, slightly psychadelic video for my track Refuge of the Rats from my new album Unsettled Beings.

Mikael Lind - Refuge of the Rats from Mikael Lind on Vimeo.

Monday, October 7, 2013

MP3, CD and Deluxe versions of Unsettled Beings now on Bandcamp

My latest album Unsettled Beings is now available for sale on Bandcamp: Mikael Lind on Bandcamp

For people in the U.S. and surroundings, the albums is also available from Time Released Sound: Time Released Sound

Some recent comments on the album from music critics:

"[A] swirling smoldering dream-folk fused to woozy atmospheric ambience, the tracks drifting easily from proper songcraft, to free form soundscapery and back again ... Unsettled Beings is a gem".
- Aquarius Records

"This is an album to listen to quietly and sink into the music that conjures up beautiful landscapes filled with nostalgia."
- Guillermo Escudero, Loop

"Lind’s previous works have been that of a more ambient/electronica sound mixed with various stringed instrumentation; on ‘Unsettled Beings’ however he has opted for a more minimal classical piano led sound and with great effect too."
- Ian, Norman Records

"[T]he contrast between tempo and abstraction provides the album with some of its best moments ... after time, one realizes that the best imitation of Icelandic culture is an infusion of the new, which is what Lind ultimately achieves here."
- Richard Allen, A Closer Listen

Saturday, September 14, 2013

New album Unsettled Beings out now!

My latest album Unsettled Beings, featuring Paul Evans and Ryan Karazija and mastered by Alex Somers, is out now on Time Released Sounds!

The album is available in two different versions.

There's the Digipak version here.

And then there's the Deluxe version here, 100 unique copies available, with drawings by Sigga Björg.

Album artwork by Colin Herrick.